Transgender Women join the Lion’s movement

Lions Club of Eden a prestigious collective of the lions organised a unique meet to honour transgender individuals and show them a path to more dignity and respect.

For the first ever time a transgender lions club was initiated under the guidance of politician and social activist Apsara Reddy. Shreedharan an advocate along with District Governor for Lions Club Mr Jaganathan welcomed Apsara into their family of Lions and updated her on the rights and social work possibilities within the Lions network. 

Apsara introduced Malaika, a transgender rights activist and Jeevitha, a transgender actor in Tamil films as office beaters of the new club titles: Lions Shree Shakthi. 

Apsara speaking to the media said, “Part of mainstreaming is also moving into societies and organisations that were previously not accessible to us. I felt the need to initiate a transgender unit of the Lion’s club. Advocate Shreedharan is the backbone of this club and guided my team of transwomen through the whole process. We will focus on housing, education and employability of the trans community. Our aim is to uplift the disadvantaged and also work towards enabling people to value equality and human rights.”

Shreedharan speaking on the occasion said, “The moment I asked Apsara madam she instantly agreed and it was a pleasure collaborating with her on this historic moment.” 

Jaganathan the district governor for Lions Club said, “Transgender people are human beings too. They have emotions and by Apsara madam’s powerful speech we can empathise with the cause of upliftment and empowerment of all disadvantaged communities. Lions Club will extend all the support to those initiative to make transwomen members of this Shree Shakthi club.”

Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR