Rural ICU major CIPACA becomes the pan-India company

• Enter Uttar Pradesh and partners with Ananta Hospital at Basti for managing 24/7 ICU operations

Chennai, June 2022: CIPACA, a leading rural ICU care provider, has now become a pan-India player with its entry into a small district in Uttar Pradesh. CIPACA has partnered with Ananta Hospital at Basti in UP to operate 24×7 emergency and ICU services.

Uttar Pradesh will be the 6th state in India and 1st state in North India for CIPACA to partner with hospitals in small towns for establishing and managing ICU operations to serve the rural critical patients. With the entry into Uttar Pradesh, CIPACA has now a presence in the Southern, Western, Eastern and Northern Regions.

Founded by Dr Ajay Kumar Chaudhary, Ananta Hospital, a 50 bedded multi-speciality hospital that offers a range of healthcare services, is one of the leading hospitals in Basti and recently added several speciality services.

Though there are about 60 small and medium hospitals in the region, not even one hospital offers quality ICU care for the people in the region. For any emergency care, patients have to travel either to Gorakhpur, about 70 km from Basti or Lucknow, about 200 km.

As the demand for critical care services grows manifold, especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ananta Hospital seeks to provide affordable and quality ICU care to rural people in the vicinity of Basti, Uttar Pradesh. Hence, the hospital has partnered with CIPACA for setting up and managing ICU operations in hospitals. CIPACA’s ICU operations at Ananta Hospital became operational on June 13, 2022.

“It has been our cherished dream to render quality ICU care services to patients who do not have the means to go to corporate hospitals in big cities in times of critical emergencies. We have been planning for ICU operations for some time, but a dearth of trained and qualified medical professionals were posting challenges. This is where CIPACA makes a huge difference. We have observed the work of CIPACA’s ICU operations, their ability to provide trained ICU staff and success in managing & running ICU operations. We are delighted to partner with CIPACA, which has been recognized as the Best Quality Rural ICU care provider at the national level, to manage the day-to-day ICU operations with their ICU team,” said Dr Ajay Kumar Chaudhary, Founder & Managing Director, Ananta Hospital.

“The small and medium-sized hospitals, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas, face challenges to provide ‘ICU services’ to their patients and end up referring them to the nearby cities during emergencies which is the biggest hurdle for their growth to move to the next level. While ICU operations are teamwork, every staff member of ICU should have the right skills and the latest knowledge on the management of critically ill patients. These things require the mobilization of extraordinary efforts and knowledge. This is where we have built core competency and proved our capabilities,” said Dr Raja Amarnath, Managing Director of CIPACA.

An ICU bed may cost an average of ₹70,000-1 lakh per day in corporate hospitals in metro and big cities, while in tier 2 towns the cost is estimated at ₹40,000-60,000. CIPACA enables their partnering hospitals in small towns to charge a minimal amount of ₹10,000-20,000 per day for a patient who requires ventilator care. Thus, emergency patients not only get affordable & quality ICU care but also avoid travelling to big hospitals in far away cities, thereby providing further savings to the people.

CIPACA’s business model also helps the hospitals make ICU operations financially profitable, thereby improving their overall revenue. Most of the 12+ medium-and-small-sized hospitals that have partnered with CIPACA have seen significant growth in their revenues while maintaining the quality of critical care delivery and addressing the existing gaps in healthcare and ICU operations.


CIPACA is India’s leader in Rural Critical Care. It is a team of 300+ ICU expert Doctors, 500+ ICU Nurses, and Paramedical paramedical and Business development professionals specialized in establishing tertiary level Multidisciplinary ICUs, specially designed to cater to rural and suburban areas. With 80,00,000+ hours of experience in setting up and operating ICUs and having saved more than 1,60,000 lives, CIPACA has been recognized as the ‘The best ICU care Provider in Rural India’ and ‘COVID Warriors award’ at the national level, ‘The most Socially responsible organization of the year’ and ‘The most innovative healthcare delivery organization’ at international level. National recognition of “Best Quality ICU Services in Rural India” and international recognition of “Most Trusted multi-disciplinary ICU Care provider” at International Healthcare Leadership Awards have been added to CIPACA’s feathers recently.

Partnering Hospitals have collaborated with CIPACA to make world-class ICU services accessible and affordable to the people of rural India. With a round-the-clock dedicated team of doctors, nurses, paramedical and ICU administrators, the organization ensures that patients receive the best quality ICU care possible thus saving lives in times of emergency.

CIPACA has been widely recognized as a Profit maker for rural hospitals. By operating their ICU as an SBU (Strategic Business Unit), CIPACA has proved to boost the capacity and profitability of their partnering hospitals multifold and has been recently recognized as the ‘Best ICU growth partner for rural hospitals’ at the Global healthcare summit & Awards at National level.

Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR