Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital to Provide Free Cataract Consultations for Patients Above 50 Years

The hospital is conducting free consultation for cataract across all 18 branches and clinics in Chennai till 30 June 2024

Chennai, June 7, 2024: Globally, Cataract is one of the leading causes of blindness affecting approximately 18 million people. It is also one of the major causes of blindness among diabetic patients. Clinical studies estimate that up to 20% of all cataract surgeries are performed in diabetic patients.

In commemoration of Cataract Awareness Month this June, Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital is conducting free cataract consultations for Chennai residents aged 50 and above across all branches in the city till 30 June 2024. For registration, contact: 9594901868.

Dr. S. Soundari, Regional Head – Clinical Services, Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Chennai, in her comments, said, “Cataract occurs when there is a clouding of our eyes natural lens. It leads to diminished vision. It is advisable for aging elders especially in their 50s to get their eyes periodically checked as the protein in the lens of our eyes start to break-down as we age. It can result in blurry-foggy vision, difficulty in identifying colours, and poor vision at night. While age-related cataract is most common, it may occur to any age group if they are exposed to ultraviolet rays, dehydration, unhealthy diet, smoking, eye injury, diabetes, and medical conditions like radiation treatments.”

Talking about the treatment and measures for cataract prevention, Dr. S. Soundari added, An effective and preferred treatment for cataract is surgery as cataract affect quality of life. The surgery is generally safe. Adopting a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle, quitting alcohol and smoking can result in a longer lifespan with prolonged clear vision and prevent non-communicable diseases. Wearing sunglasses while stepping out during peak hours of the day is not only a fashion statement but also works as a protective shield for our eyes from harmful UV radiation.

Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR