SIMS Hospital successfully conducts transformative surgery for a 3-year-old girl child afflicted with a rare medical condition

Chennai, July 8th, 2024: SIMS Hospital accomplished a remarkable medical milestone by successfully conducting a pioneering surgery on a 3-year-old girl child afflicted with the severe genetic disorder known as Pfeiffer syndrome.

The rare surgical procedure exemplifies the remarkable advancements in medical science and the enduring power of hope. This rare disease occurs in approximately 1 out of every 100,000 new born. Children experience specific issues, such as premature fusing of cranial bones, which leads to associated complications. Chiari malformation occurs when there is premature fusion of the skull bones, resulting in excessive pressure on the brain and causing it to descend into the spinal canal. This might result in a variety of symptoms that hinder the ability to do tasks, which can have detrimental effects on a child’s overall health.

The diagnosis frequently entails the use of MRI scans, while treatment choices conventionally encompass medication or surgical intervention to reduce pressure. Nevertheless, children with Pfeiffer syndrome face an additional level of apprehension. Approximately 50% of these children experience the development of Chiari malformation. This is the place where SIMS Hospital’s innovative approach became evident when the hospital’s team of specialists conducted a recently developed treatment, known as Posterior Cranial Vault Distraction, on a 3-year-old girl child.

“This novel procedure entails a gradual expansion of the posterior part of the skull, so creating additional room for the brain to develop while mitigating the hazards typically associated with conventional approaches. This minimally invasive method reduces complications and the risk of relapse by preventing a full separation of the skull from the brain,” said Dr. Suresh Veeramani, Senior Consultant, Institute of Craniofacial Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, SIMS hospital.

Speaking on the occasion, the family members of the 3-year-old child hailing from Madhavaram, Chennai said “The world seemed to shrink when our kid was diagnosed with Pfeiffer Syndrome.

Witnessing her struggles was an ordeal we never imagined. We felt utterly lost, unsure of where to turn for the medical expertise she desperately needed. We approached SIMS Hospital. From the moment we stepped through their doors, the incredible team at SIMS became our saviour. The doctor’s team possessed not only exceptional competence but also an abundance of empathy. They instilled a hope in us that had begun to dwindle. The Posterior Cranial Vault Distraction surgery, while daunting at first, was meticulously explained at every step. We never felt alone in this journey. Today, thanks to SIMS Hospital, our daughter thrives. Their expertise and the genuine care they showered upon our family during this most challenging time are gifts we will forever cherish. We are eternally grateful to the doctor’s team guidance for saving her life”

This surgical procedure not only provides substantial alleviation but also possesses other benefits. It decreases the duration of the operation, minimises blood loss, and enables a shorter hospitalisation period, facilitating a quicker recuperation. This development in distraction osteaogenesis represents a significant advancement in craniofacial surgery.

“We have great pride in our team and the successful result of this intricate surgery,” stated Dr. Vishwaraj Ratha, Consultant, Department of Neurosciences, SIMS Hospitals. “This procedure provides significant optimism for children who are struggling with Pfeiffer syndrome and Chiari malformation, and we are honoured to be leading the way in bringing these highly advanced treatments to our area, he stated.

Dr. Ravi Pachamuthu, Chairman, SRM Group stated that “The commitment of SIMS Hospital to innovative healthcare has provided a young child with a more promising future. This case stands as evidence of the impact of medical advancement and we are pleased to have performed this procedure on a 3-year-and-7-month-old child at SIMS Hospital because it is very unusual in this region”.

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