Sethu FC and Everrenew Join Forces: Pioneering a New Era for Women’s Football in Tamil Nadu

Chennai, 27th December, 2023: In a groundbreaking collaboration, Sethu FC, the trailblazer of women’s football in Tamil Nadu, proudly announces a transformative partnership with Everrenew Energy Private Limited – India’s fast growing renewable energy company. With an unwavering focus on Tamil Nadu’s footballing landscape, Sethu FC has been a beacon of hope, clinching the Indian Women’s League (IWL) in 2018-19, reaching the finals in 2021-22, and securing a semi-finalist position in 2022-23. The club’s mission extends beyond victories on the field; it is deeply rooted in empowering local talent and providing a pathway for aspiring players to shine at the regional and national levels.

“Sethu FC has always been about more than just football; it’s about transforming lives and providing a platform for dreams to flourish. Our partnership with Everrenew Energy Private Limited is a testament to our shared vision of empowering individuals through sport,” said Mr. Seeni Mohaideen, President of Sethu FC.

This legacy is evident in the current squad, comprising 30 players, where around six players from Tamil Nadu, nurtured through the ranks of Sethu FC, currently represent the national team and play for different IWL clubs. The outstanding achievement of winning the IWL serves as the stepping stone, qualifying the team for the prestigious AFC Women’s Club Championship—an ambitious target that Sethu FC aims to achieve with the generous support of Everrenew.

While the primary focus remains on nurturing local talent, Sethu FC strategically includes three foreign players within the maximum limit allowed. Two players from Nepal, integral members of the Nepal national team, bring an international flair to the team. Additionally, a player from Kenya adds a dynamic edge to the squad, creating a unique blend of skills and experiences.

Mr. Venkatesh R, CEO of Everrenew Energy Private Limited, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, ” At Everrenew Energy, we share a common sense of purpose to shape a more sustainable future together. We strongly believe that women are the future enablers of the world, and they play a crucial role in shaping the future generation. As we support Sethu FC in the Indian Women’s League, we are not just investing in the talent and potential of these young women athletes; we want to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment & intend to create a more progressive society.”

Everrenew and Sethu FC have elaborative plans to enhance the lives of such talented footballers, not just in the lines of their profession but also by being involved with their families and supporting them through various means.

The press conference, held at Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Chennai, was a celebration of this commitment to talent development and inclusivity. Mr. Venkatesh R and Mr. Seeni Mohaideen, key representatives of Everrenew Energy Private Limited and Sethu FC respectively, emphasized the unity and strength that diversity brings to the sport.

As Sethu FC and Everrenew Energy Private Limited embark on this transformative journey, the collaboration stands as a testament to the power of football in fostering inclusivity, breaking barriers, and providing a platform for individuals, especially from underrepresented regions, to shine on the national stage.

About Sethu FC:

Founded in 2017 under the auspices of the Tamil Nadu Football Association, Sethu FC has swiftly risen to prominence in the realm of women’s football. Based in Madurai, the club has become a symbol of excellence and opportunity for local talent. Sethu FC’s notable achievements include clinching the Indian Women’s League (IWL) title in the 2018-19 season, reaching the finals in 2021-22, and securing a semi-finalist position in 2022-23. The club’s commitment extends

beyond victories on the pitch, as it strives to provide a transformative pathway for aspiring players from Tamil Nadu to shine at both regional and national levels. Sethu FC, in its relatively short existence, has become a powerhouse in women’s football, showcasing the potential and talent inherent in the region.

About Everenew Energy Private Limited:

Everrenew is India’s fast-growing renewable energy company, which provides a one-stop project management solution for wind, solar and hybrid projects with asset management. Everrenew is committed to providing renewable solutions with all-around capabilities that help organizations move progressively towards a sustainable future that is reliable, affordable & efficient. At Everrenew, safety is a way of life. We give utmost importance to the safety of our employees & contractors. Our key Business Verticals are: Turnkey solution for Wind, Solar & Hybrid projects, Asset management, Industrial Rooftops, Smart Energy Meters, Solar water pumps.

At Everrenew, we firmly believe that renewable energy is the future, and we are committed to delivering sustainable energy solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. In short span we executed 600+MW of Wind & Solar Projects and 2700+ MW of Wind, Solar & Hybrid Project is under execution.

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