Motherhood Hospital Celebrates Doctor’s Day with Go Green Initiative at Kotturpuram Turnbull Park

Chennai, 1st July 2024 – Motherhood Hospital, Chennai, commemorated Doctor’s Day 2024 with an impactful event focused on environmental sustainability at Kotturpuram Turnbull Park, Chennai, today. The celebration commenced at 7:30 am and was presided over by Mr. Saravanan, Facility Director, Motherhood Hospital, Chennai.

Prominent Gynaecologists and Paediatric doctors from the hospital, including Dr. Premalatha, Dr. Madhuri, Dr. Meenakshi, Dr. Subramanian, and Dr. Karpagambal, along with a dedicated team of 30-35 participants, took part in the event.

The initiative featured the planting of five tree saplings in the park, reinforcing the hospital’s commitment to fostering green spaces within urban settings. In addition, Motherhood Hospital donated around 125 saplings to Kotturpuram Turnbull Park, supporting the park’s efforts to enhance its greenery and environmental health.

To further engage the community in this green initiative, the hospital distributed more than100 saplings to the general public. This gesture aimed to encourage individuals to contribute to environmental conservation by planting trees in their own surroundings.

The event was characterized by its focus on action rather than speeches, underscoring the hospital’s dedication to practical environmental stewardship and community involvement.

Mr. Saravanan, Facility Director, Motherhood Hospital Chennai stated, “Our Doctor’s Day celebration this year is a testament to our commitment to both healthcare and the environment. By taking these small but significant steps, we hope to inspire the community to join us in creating a greener and healthier future.”

Motherhood Hospital continues to lead by example, demonstrating that the well-being of the community and the environment are intertwined. This Doctor’s Day event highlights the hospital’s ongoing efforts to promote sustainability and public health.

Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR