Meridian Hospital introduces 10-channel Interstitial BrachyTherapy for the first time in North Chennai upto Nellore

Chennai, 21st June 2024: Meridian Hospital, a 300 Bedded Multi-Super Specialty Hospital with a comprehensive multi-faceted approach to healthcare in Chennai, today announced the successful launch of its 10-channel Interstitial Brachytherapy services, a ground-breaking advancement in cancer treatment for North Chennai and extending up to Nellore. This significant milestone comes on the heels of the hospital’s successful introduction of Radio Therapy, ELEKTA LINAC in April 2024, positioning Meridian Hospital at the forefront of innovative cancer care in the region.

The launch and briefing event featured distinguished speakers including Dr. Rajesh Kar, Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Pandidurai, Medical Oncologist, and Dr. Kenny Robert, Surgical Oncologist, all from Meridian Hospital. These experts provided detailed insights into the capabilities and benefits of Interstitial Brachytherapy, particularly for cancer patients in the region. Prof Dr Ashok Thiakarajan, CEO provided the overall scenario of cancer facility and treatment modalities in Chennai and the strategic location of Meridian Hospital to deliver cancer treatment.

Dr. Rajesh Kar, Radiation Oncologist, Meridian Hospital emphasized, “Interstitial Brachytherapy represents a leap forward in cancer treatment. By placing radioactive sources directly into or near the tumour, this therapy delivers high-dose radiation with precision, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues. This approach is especially effective for treating localized cancers such as prostate, cervical, and breast cancers.”

Success Rates of Brachytherapy:
With a median follow-up of 5.3 years, the biochemical disease-free survival rate for patients undergoing brachytherapy boost is an impressive 92%, compared to 81% with IMRT. Additionally, the distant metastases-free survival rate stands at 97% for brachytherapy boost patients, versus 93% for those receiving IMRT. These statistics underscore the efficacy of brachytherapy in improving patient outcomes.

Dr. Pandidurai, Medical Oncologist, Meridian Hospital highlighted, “Meridian Brachytherapy can be utilized as a single modality or in combination with other treatments such as external beam radiation therapy and stereotactic body radiation therapy, offering versatile and effective treatment options for our patients.”

Interstitial Brachytherapy, a form of internal radiation therapy, involves placing radioactive sources directly into or near a tumour, providing high-dose radiation with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissues. This precise approach is particularly effective for localized cancers, offering higher success rates in treating prostate, cervical, and breast cancers.

Meridian Advanced Oncology care
Meridian Hospital’s commitment to providing best-in-class clinical solutions is further demonstrated through this advanced cancer treatment offering. By introducing Interstitial Brachytherapy, the hospital is not only enhancing its treatment repertoire but also reaffirming its dedication to delivering excellent healthcare solutions to its patients.

Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR