HUSHPURR INDIA’S WOMAN’S SECRET WELLNESS Twenty Categories Products launched by Actress Alya Manasa, Mr.Radhakrishnan & Mr. K.Venkatesan

Heravi Pink Store Pvt Ltd Chennai has launched its women’s secret wellness products under brand name of “HUSHPURR”

This product redefines intimate care and fostering women’s well being which is prioritized and cherished.

The products were launched by M.s Alya Manasa a renowned TV serial artist and social media person with 40 lakh followers.

Founder, MD and CEO of Heravi Pink Store Pvt Ltd Mr. Radhakrishnan is a dynamic personality, a former Sr Vice President with 25 years corporate experience with a vision and belief to do something unique of empowering women. With a deep understanding of the industry leveraging his expertise to launch India’s secret wellness products and to revolutionize it.

Another founder Mr. Venkatesh is a renowned entrepreneur in Landscape, with over 25 years’ experience and earning a stellar reputation in his field.

To start with in the first phase franchise for 125 stores are being launched in Southern India, and by the year 2025-26 the whole of India is proposed to be covered and follow it up to convert it into a global brand of 1000 Women Entrepreneur franchise partner.

Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR