World Food Day – An Awareness Drive towards The Fight Against Hunger

Each day there are thousands of little children in our very Chennai city who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Hunger is real. Hunger is silent. Hunger is humiliating. Not many see this as a social issue amid many other pressing issues of women’s empowerment, child abuse and various other social issues. Social activist and politician Apsara Reddy has taken up this issue and has been doing awareness events to put ‘The fight against hunger’ on the map of social issues.

Bringing celebrities from all walks of life Apsara Reddy organised an event with a progressive minded brand Rare Rabbit and Rareism, clothing brands that are investing in a better society through their corporate social responsibility initiatives. Apsara brought together Saranya Jaikumar, Director Jeppiaar Group, Shweta Ravi, Head of Adyar Ananda Bhavan, film actor Nikki Galrani, wedding planner Reema Tiwari, hospital owner Surakshit Bhattina And Bigg Boss fame Shariq along with Revenue Secretary J Radhakrishnan’s wife Krithika who is also a travel show host on television. Joining them was also industrialist and politician Arun Venkatraman and socialite Neerja Malhotra.

With special performances by Aishvarrya who also performed at the London olympics, the event was attended by all top industrialists, police officials and bureaucrats. Apsara Reddy, said, “If we can conquer space and make huge steps towards many technological advancements, why can’t we conquer hunger. Why must so many people sleep at night feeling so insecure and not knowing where there next meal is coming from. We will continue raising awareness and feeding people through our initiatives.”

Apsara along with Nikki Galrani and her team visited nearly 10 orphanages the next day of the event and conducted feeding sessions and assured her support to them.

Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR

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