With Kunaal Roy Kapur and Manjot Singh, curious brains meet fun science

National, October 24, 2019: Why is the sky blue? How do we survive a lightning strike? How many helium balloons it takes to lift a human? Science has always amused us with questions around why things work the way they do and has triggered our curiosity. With ‘Not Rocket Science’, an anthology consisting of 3 entertaining and insightful science-based shows – Secrets of Everything, Factomania and Bang Goes the Theory – Sony BBC Earth is here to provide the answers to all your science related questions!

Joining the initiative are popular Bollywood actors and curious minds, Kunaal Roy Kapur and Manjot Singh who have come on-board to make science not only easy and simple but also interesting. With the perfect blend of fun, quirky and inquisitive, they are seen experimenting in the promotional video to test if one can fly using balloons and survive lightning strike. Watch out to learn more.

Sony BBC Earth is known for its informative yet entertaining content ranging from science, nature, adventure and wildlife. With ‘Not Rocket Science’, a unique anthology, the channel aims to captivate the minds of the viewers and ignite curiosity to uncover some amazing and unheard truths about science in the most fun and simplified manner.

Kunaal Roy Kapoor in association with Sony BBC Earth says, “I had a mad time shooting for ‘Not Rocket Science’ with Sony BBC Earth and Manjot. I have always been this inquisitive child with many questions floating in my mind. So, it was good to see Sony BBC Earth take this challenge of making science simple and easy yet fun and interesting. Honestly, I could think of no other channel to partner with except Sony BBC Earth since I am a fan of the world class content they bring to India which feeds our brains with knowledge and entertainment’.

Manjot Singh says, “I was this kid who disliked science as a subject since it was taught in a boring and complicated manner but wanted to know the what and why behind every weird science question. So, when I was approached for ‘Not Rocket Science’ by Sony BBC Earth with a promise to make science simple yet fun, I was completely up for it. I must say that my perspective has changed towards science and knowledge post shooting with Sony BBC Earth and learning about the content on the channel”.

~Tune in to Sony BBC Earth November 11 onwards at 8PM and watch out for ‘Not Rocket Science’~

Sony BBC Earth:

Sony BBC Earth is a premium factual entertainment channel by MSM Worldwide Factual Media – a Joint venture between Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) and BBC Worldwide.

Sony BBC Earth is home to BBC’s award-winning factual programs and work of some of the world’s foremost factual film makers. Rooted in the philosophy of ‘Feel Alive’, the channel promises grand visual spectacle, positive insightful storytelling and a new perspective to knowledge and entertainment.

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