Village ticket 2020 (3rd edition) is about to be held at YMCA Nandanam on Feb 7,8 & 9 th from morning at 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The launch of Village Ticket 2020 will be on Feb 6th. Over 3 days, VILLAGE TICKET will bring to life the various art forms, culture, cuisine and emotions that people love about the Villages that thrives in rural Tamilnadu.

Village Ticket brings the pride of cultural and traditional essence, the First- ever village themed setup in Chennai.This is the third edition of the Village ticket, a thiruvizha conducted by Brand Avatar in association with Grand Catering Company. The first two editions were a crowd favorite, with many families, young and wise, kids and infants coming en masse. Village Ticket is a joint initiative of Brand Avatar and the Grand Catering Company to honor the three pillars of the Village Life – the Farmers, Artisans and the Cooks, who help preserve our great tradition and culture.

It is an event for all, kids for revisiting their parent’s childhood, parents for enjoying with their entire family, corporates who along with their team can visit and have great time with the variety of games, food and entertainment.

The highlights of VILLAGE TICKET 3rd Edition are

  1. Virundhu (Food) – Saiva (Veg)MoiVirundhu&Asaiva (Non-Veg)MoiVirundhu
  2. MaiyyaMedai (Centre stage of performances) – Performances such as Karagatam, Therukuuthu, Silambam and more than 14 other performances
  3. KalaiArangam (Ground of arts) – It is an inter school & inter college competition. The competition is on folk dance, folk song, street play, art competition, village walk, family talent contest (all in village theme).

What they said

Mr. HemachandranFounder &CEO of Brand Avatar “We were buoyed by the amazing response we got for the first and second edition where more than 60,000 people visited. It is an instant hit with the people and we are delighted to be able to give this once in a lifetime experience to people. We are equipping the third edition with larger than life setup with an all-round entertainment options where everybody across age groups could come out for New Year & Pongal and have a great time.

Mr. Thilak, CEO of Grand Catering Company said “The previous two editions were visited and enjoyed by the people of chennai for everything Villlage Ticket provided. This edition, the preparation to provide village experience has been enlarged to provide an absolutely memorable experience for all. This will be bigger than the past two editions, as we have added a number of games and entertainment and new varieties of food.”
Some of the highlights of Village Ticket 2020 are

  1. Food from 28+ districts of Tamilnadu spread over 34 stalls and more specially there is two Virundhu meals i.eSaiva (Veg) MoiVirundhu&Asaiva (Non-Veg) MoiVirundhuwhich will have more than 28+ varieties of food served hot and tasty instantly for Lunch & Dinner.
  2. Games – Giant wheel, Uriadithal, ezhavattakallu, Paramapatham, Gilli, Pallanguli and 19 other games for people across all age groups.
  3. Pattimandram – Village culture vs Urban culture – A pattimandram by Gnanasambantham
  4. Agriculture – Realtime farming experience
  5. KalaiArangam – Cultural Competitions between Schools & Colleges on various art forms of Tamilnadu. (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)
  6. Artists from various districts of Tamilnadu who will showcase and perform the various celebrated art forms & cultural dances of Tamilnadu like Karagattam, Mayilattam, Oyilattam, PoikaalKuthurai, Silambattam, Neruppu thee panthuaatametc and many more.
  7. ThiruvizhaTher – A massive ther
  8. Lifestock – JallikattuKaalai, ManjuVerattuKaalai, Seval, Kadaa
  9. Traditional Rides – MaatuVandi, Kuthuraivandi, Cycle Rickshaw
  10. Other attractions – Giant Wheel, 12 authentic Village model house, Pottery & Uurvazham

New addition for Village Ticket 2020

Other than the above mentioned, there are a few exciting new additions for Village Ticket 2020 such as

  1. TholPaavaiKuuthu (Puppet Show)
  2. Massive Giant Wheel
  3. Pattimandram by Gnanasambantham
  4. Tamil Village Awards


  1. KalaiArangam–4:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  2. Food – 11:00 AM – 10 :00 PM, VIRUNTHU (Lunch) 12 Noon – 3:00 PM VIRUNTHU (Dinner) – 7 PM – 10 PM
  3. Cultural art forms, games and all other experiences and activities – 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  4. Entry ticket Rs. 200 (Early bird offer of Rs 150 closes soon.)
  5. Entry ticket free for age upto 6 years
  6. Super Saver Rs 500 (Entry ticket plus 350/- worth food coupons that can be redeemed at the food stalls.)
  7. Non – Veg MoiVirunthu Ticket Rs. 1,500 &Rs. 500 for kids (6-12)
    (Veg) MoiVirundhuTicket Rs 1,200 &Rs 500 for kids (6-12)

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