TripAdvisor lists exclusive Life on Mars experience

New Delhi, 28th Aug 2019: Working with interplanetary agency, Astroland, TripAdvisor is offering thrill-seekers an incredible expedition to experience what life on Mars would be like—deep in the caves of northern Spain. Exclusively available on TripAdvisor Experiences, this once-in-a-lifetime adventure will set you back a cool 6,050 euros (INR 4,84,131).

The Astroland_experience involves spending three days and nights in the confines of Ares Station, a 60 meter-high, 1.5km long cave, deep in the Canatabrian mountains. The cave aims to accurately replicate the hostile conditions of Mars and is isolated from human contact.

The first mission has already taken place, made up of five “Astrolanders”, who underwent extensive and intensive preparation. Now the agency is opening its doors to paying guests, with five expeditions held over the coming months. The unique experience will last 30 days, including a comprehensive three week online training program, and another three days of physical and psychological training at the Astroland facilities.

“Stepping outside your comfort zone is one of the most exciting parts of travel, and for even the most adventurous, Astroland truly delivers,” commented Laurel Greatrix of TripAdvisor. “It’s a remarkable experience and we’re excited to be offering it.”

TripAdvisor lists the world’s largest selection of bookable tours and activities around the world – over 220,000. So if life on Mars isn’t for you, there’s plenty of other exciting options wherever your travels take you.

David Ceballos, CEO of Astroland, said he was thrilled to be able to contribute to this important space research. “Investing in space technology is investing in innovation,” he said. “This project was born with the objective of testing replicable technologies on Earth, as has already happened with other products of daily use derived from space research such as GPS or different medical application technologies. We look forward to working with TripAdvisor on making this happen.”

Note: Rates are converted from Euro to INR on August 26, 2019. Conversion rate is INR 80.

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TripAdvisor Experiences is exclusively promoting this product alongside its affiliate partners.

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About Astroland

Astroland is a world first – an interplanetary agency focusing on Life On Mars. To this end, after years of research and development, they have created “Ares Station” a scientific space station which has been developed to replicate the hostile conditions of Mars within a specifically selected cave, 60 meters high and 1.5km long, in Arredondo, Spain, totally isolated from human contact.

The idea is to learn more about not just the physical, but the societal impact living in such a colony would have. Candidates have to apply for their position on the expedition and pass physical and psychological tests before they are accepted. Special equipment has to be worn and no contact is allowed with the outside world.

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