Thoughtloom sessions at Palam Silks Oliver Road Branch

Margazhi and Music go hand in hand. The music festival is something very special and a pride to all Chennai-ites, especially after UNESCO recognized our December’s music festival. Margazhi is all about good music with good food. Palam Silks founder Ms Jeyasree Ravi has also been an aredent devotee of our native art and culture. We began with a point-to-point travel bus that created the sabha hopping culture.

3 years ago, we launched an exclusive Collection called Concert Collection that bore muscicians with their instruments in gold zari. It is impossible to escape a kanjeevaram attire when you attend a traditional event. And we created this collection so that music lovers can sport this look when they attend a concert. The thought was adapted from kids wearing their favourite pop star’s tshirts when they attend their show.

This year, we wanted to bring all Palam loyalists under one roof to celebrate classical kutcheri. We created an ambience that carried the same whiff of a sabha with a stage and jamakalam, well dressed muscians and audience in their kanjeevarams . Surrounded by an array of colourful silk sarees, Supersinger fame Shravan performed classical music that took our breath away. Surrounded by 100 music lovers, Shravan’s soulful voice rang even hours after the event. When was the last time you attended a music event in space that is surrounded by silk sarees? This is the inaugural event of our initiative, Thoughtloom.

Thoughtloom is an initiative of Palam Silks where we promote young and upcoming artists by giving them a platform and a wonderful set of audience who appreciate raw talent. There are hidden talents at every nook and corner of our state and thoughtloom is a platform where we throw the spotlight on them. A running sound of applause is an artist’s wish, dream and healthy obsession. We wish to bridge this gap of the long wait artists will have to endure as the number of platforms remain the same with talents outweighing them to a large degree.

About Thoughtloom: Thoughtloom sessions will be held once in 3 months at Palam Silks Oliver Road branch. All we need is,for the artists to submit their portfolios to us in person at Pondybazar outlet. Artists belonging to any performing arts can submit their portfolio. We are happy to host kutcheris, dance and theatre musicals, mime, art exhibitions and knowledge spreading workshops from diverse genres.

Are you good at something? Singing, acting, painting, dancing? Thoughloom is here as your curtain-raiser.

For any queries write to / 73388 72222

Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR

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