To help the people in fear of the corona virus infection, California-based DoWhistle has designed a website,, and the “DoWhistle” ( android application overnight, and has thus achieved the goal that Google has not been able to.

Raja Appachi, a US-based Indian, who designed the DoWhistle website and application, and its founder and CEO, was spoken to about the issue to detect any “corona virus” (COVID-19) testing centers around the world. Thus, we have created a website,, to help any such testing centers share their location for the public to see. We have also introduced the DoWhistle application for public use. Using both the website and the application, the public can locate nearby corona virus testing centers. If you find that you have any of the corona virus symptoms, you can use the application to locate nearby corona virus testing centers.

The President of the USA, Donald Trump, asked Google for a software that would help the people locate nearby corona virus testing centers. However, Google claimed that they would need more time to develop this. This is where DoWhistle jumped into action, and created an application and a website to do exactly the same overnight. Thus, as you can see, DoWhistle was able to achieve what Google thought was a painstaking effort.

How did the request of President Donald Trump get fulfilled overnight? Raja Appachi further explains-

Search engines like Google depend on static content from standard websites. It is therefore difficult to get current information as per the current situation.

The DoWhistle platform records information from the public, government, and industry directly with their current location, about what they want or what they have, thus making the information available to us during the search, more current, accurate, and facts.

For example, a bus conductor traveling from Chennai to Bangalore can now report a 5-seat vacancy through the DoWhistle application, if there are any seats available. Passengers who use the app will get notifications if that was their interest and connect spontaneously.

Any professional, like a bike mechanic, painter, plumber, electrician, or a puncture service, can create a Whistle to alert people nearby who may be in need of their services.

Businesses such as spas, salons, massage centers and grocery stores can announce any instant offers through the DoWhistle application during their idle hours. This would help decommission the conventional, ineffective coupon system to get more business.

Now let your thoughts run wild. This can be applied where needs and haves can be matched.

Our vision statement is Whistle first, Search next!

DoWhistle works on the basic principle of connecting people who need something (public) with those who have it (corona virus testing centers). It also has a feature that allows it to spontaneously connect these people as they come near each other. That is why when President Donald Trump asked for a website, Google hesitated, but DoWhistle was able to accomplish this goal overnight.

Each and every business wishes for their product to be used at least once a day.

DoWhistle can be used whenever and wherever a person may require – the location does not affect the efficiency of the application

DoWhistle is a platform that can connect all kinds of services spontaneously .

DoWhistle can improve the economy of the individual and the country.

DoWhistle includes all the facilities needed to sell and promote products, from small cross-sectional traders to corporate compa like Reliance and Tata.

DoWhistle is absolutely free, no matter who uses it.

Thanks to all of our associates who made our vision of DoWhistle possible.

  1. Ranga Jayaraman
    (Stanford business graduate school associate DEAN / CDO – USA)
  2. Jai Vijayan.
    (Ex, Tesla motors CIO – USA)
  3. Prof. Krishnan.
    (MIT Doctorate, Harvard-affiliated faculty – USA)
+91 9629110994

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