The Chennai Pet Fashion Show 2020 was wrapped up handing over the donations to the identified animal shelters and rescuers in the city held at savera Hotel

It is so rightly said that until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Chennai Pet Fashion Show 2020 was essentially a fund raiser event to support the various animal shelters and animal rescuers in Chennai.  It was heaven on earth on the 02nd of Feb 2020 at Hotel Savera, where the city witnessed 50 + animals walking the ramp for a noble cause.

The pet fashion parade had birds, a fish, a calf, a cat apart from varied types of dogs. The Indie breeds were the highlight of the evening, especially the one’s from the animal shelter. We also saw a special 3 legged dog WAFFLE slaying the ramp in style. Taking to the stage in designer wear specially tailored for these furry babies by Chennai’s top fashion designers, who believed in the cause.It was an evening of  compassion,  passion and fashion with 1,000 + kind hearts coming together for the cause.

Funds were raised via Sponsorships,  Donations, Registrations and Stalls. The show also recognized genuine veterinarians who excelled with their exemplary services in treating and boarding animals.This fundraiser generated close to Rs. 10 Lakhs INR. PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS  ( PFA ), the main beneficiary was donated Rs. 5 Lakhs INR, the other shelters received donations between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000 INR and each rescuer was gifted Rs. 25,000 INR, in a specially curated press meet function at Hotel Savera.

The animal shelters that received donations were Catitude, Cloud No 9 Kennel and Nursing Care, Advika Foundation and Bhairava Trust. The animal rescuers recognized were Aditya Venkatraman, Jayashree Ramesh, Malini, Anuradha Rajkumar. The shelter heads and the animal rescuers were overwhelmed and grateful with the recognition and the generous donation by the Duchess Friends Of The Furries. In their words, ” No one so far has ever organized an event where our work was recognized or appreciated. ” They also promised that the donation would go a long way in alleviating their financial burden in the animal welfare activities. 

Another unique feature of the event was to create awareness amongst the public to be more and and sensitive towards our street animals. The adoption corner was yet another highlight sending a strong message to all to adopt a pet.A variety of stalls added an extra flavour to the evening. Young 8 year of Givika from Givika Animal Welfare took the stage and advocated the slogan – Each one, Feed one. 

Our show stopper, Ms. Apsara Reddy – renowed politician, journalist and a animal lover insisted that we need to be more stringent on animal laws.The one of a kind Pet Fashion Parade was conceptualized by the ace choreographer and fitness guru, Jeffery Vardon and Ms.  Nina Reddy,  Joint Managing Director – Savera Hotels and the Duchess Friends Of Furries.

In all, the event achieved what it was meant to – raise adequate funds for a noble cause to help our furry friends financially.  This is just the beginning and the Duchess Friends Of Furries plan to host this as a annual event with novel ideas.

A single kind thought can unite strangers to come together to work towards a common cause and we look forward to generous sponsorships and donations.

Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR

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