SANKAR HICURE ACUPUNCTURE CLINICS TO OPEN IN LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRY OF ECUADOR: The clinics will focus on acupuncture training who want to treat Latin Americans for a cheaper cost and create employment for local people

MOU was signed between the MN Sankar Acupuncture and Latin American Caribbean Federation of India Director and Ecuador Desk Incharge GV Krishna in presence of Ambassador of Ecuador His Excellency Hector Buda Cueva Jacome to open the Sankar Satellite Hicure Acupuncture Zone in Ecuador to treat Latin American patients and provide affordable healthcare. Dr. MN Sankar is a famous Acupuncture specialist in Chennai and is famous for his treatments and is famous for treating patients like Late CM of Tamilnadu Jayalalitha and Film stars and various senior corporates in the country.

The Acupuncture center in Chennai was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Ecuador to India His Excellency Hector Buda Cueva Jecome in Hotel Residency Towers, Chennai for collaboration in India Latin American Health care. Mr Hector explained that the Acupuncture care facility is committed to making access to
specialty medical services more convenient for all residents of and visitors to Ecuador
as it provides affordable alternative health care.

“At this, we will always take a patient-centered approach to providing the highest
quality acupuncture care. We want to ensure we are making specialized outpatient care and follow-up care as accessible as possible for all patients needing our services.

We are opening this new location in Quito to better serve Latin America residents and
the local community, as the majority of the population either live or work in the United States. Additionally, when our Ecuador center opens to medical tourists the Ecuador center will provide a location closer to the ports of entry and to visitors who prefer to stay in the Latin American area before and after their procedures” said Dr. M.N.Sankar who is the founder of the Sankar Acupuncture in Ecuador.

Dr. M.N. Sankar, B.Sc., M.D.(ACU), PhD, who has acquainted full eligibility as doctor in
Ayurveda and acupuncture studied at Shanghai University, China and achieved
various critical cases successfully. He is a senate member of the University of Madras, has been awarded ABI gold medal and has been honored by various governments for his services. Recently he was also appointed as the Trade Commissioner of Ethiopia by the India Africa Trade Council. With the use of acupuncture, pain can be taken care
of with the needles and various tools that come in various shapes. These tools and
equipment can also use laser treatment along with the point focused treatment

The Latin American office in Chennai was inaugurated by the Ambassador of
Ecuador, Director of Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce South India Chapter R.L. Kannan, President of the Indian Economic Trade Organization Dr. Asif Iqbal and
Consul Generals of Malaysia and Thailand in Chennai.

“There is a huge interest in Latin America and especially Ecuador as the Health care
centre in the region is an emerging market having a great scope for multilateral business opportunities with its Human resource base. There is no acupuncture health care centre and this will support in the region. The Sankar Acupuncture centre in Chennai is expected to work directly with various GRULAC embassies in Delhi and bring opportunities to places like Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama etc.” said Ambassador or Ecuador Hector Cueva Jacome.

There is no mechanism in Ecuador for serving individual small midsize foreign medical patients from USA for Indian Alternative medicine and this Acupuncture center will be a fresh lease of life for many people in Latin America. Many pensioners are looking at cheaper health care facilities and there is no agency that can help them. Acupuncture center will handhold such patients.

“Latin American region and the collaborations will be at the top of our priorities as per the Prime Minister Modi’s Vision, through the health tourism we will continue to intensify and deepen our engagement with Foreign patients treated by Indian Acupuncture specialists which will be sustained and regular. Our development partnerships will be guided by medical safety priorities and we will build as much local acupuncture training service to create as many local opportunities as possible in Ecuador. We will bring the Tamilnadu market acupuncture trainers under Dr. M.N. Sankar and make it easier and more attractive to treat patients at affordable costs. We will support our Industries to collaborate with Foreign Medical patients in other countries also” said the Director of the Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce in South India Dr. R.L. Kannan during the Inauguration

“My goal is to build stronger multilateral relations and reach new heights between
Tamilnadu health care facilities and the Foreign countries for affordable medical care which is a huge market and I will be focusing on exploring the opportunities in a structured manner as our organization is one of the mandates for supporting south Indian states in collaboration with the Latin America” Said Dr. Asif Iqbal, President of the Indian Economic Trade Organization. There was also a round table meeting that has been organized in Chennai with participation from Indian healthcare companies doing business with Latin America.

“Just like how India has changed, the relationship between India and Ecuador has also changed. India currently is considered a technological superpower; therefore, the visions 50 years ago have changed completely. We want to elevate our ties to the next level. We want to elevate our bilateral partnership; we can come to an agreement that we can elevate it to the level of strategic partnership. We want to open the Acupuncture centers in Ecuador cities with support from Dr. Sankar who is a leading name in Acupuncture. We will have Sankar Acupuncture Centers in Ecuador. We want
to have a dynamic and fruitful dialogue on bilateral and regional levels” said the
Ecuador Ambassador to India His Excellency Buda Hector Cueva Jacome.

Present at the Press Conference:

Ambassador of Ecuador in India- Buda Hector Cueve Jacome.

Dr. Sankar- Acupuncture Specialist, India Africa Trade Council

R.L. Kannan – National Director South Zone and Goa AACC

Dr Asif Iqbal- President of the Indian Economic Trade Organization

Dr. Saravanan D- Chairman of the Foreign Investors Council South India

Prince Asif Ali- Patron of the Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce




Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR