Robo Chef – The World’s First & Only Fully Automated Robotic Kitchen

Every home finds ‘Kitchen’ as the integral part, which encompasses the impact of hard work and dedication of women. It’s a place, where their thoughts are completely inclined towards and food department based scientists over the years have been constantly working upon unique attempts to make a revolutionary change over it.

However, despite their earnest accomplishments of inventing machineries like Mixie, Grinder, Juice Maker, Coffee Maker, Vegetable cutters, Induction stoves and many such elements, it still remains like an incomplete mission. Apparently, the demand for home cooked foods has been significantly increasing in day to day lifestyle. But what remains to be an actual fact is that, the increase in home food deliveries, quenching the taste buds remains unsatisfied. It’s all the same with experience in restaurants and food hubs, where the same deliciousness cannot be experienced the other day. At this juncture, people have desired for foods that are delicious, hygienic and top-notch quality. Significantly, Robo Chef – The World’s First & Only Fully Automated Robotic Kitchen arrives as a phenomenal endowment.

Mr. Saravanan Sundaramoorthy, Owner and Leader of Team behind the creation of Robo Chef says, “Having been a software engineer for a span of 11 years, I always aspired to accomplish something unique in the field of food. Eventually, I and my team got involved in an intense research for nearly 5 years to design a Robotic Chef, which can cook 600 recipes. This includes the cuisines of Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thailand and many more countries and we are serving around 3,000 customers ever day. It becomes a difficult task for the chefs to prepare the morning breakfasts with same deliciousness and flavours as they need to wake up at wee hours ruining their sleeps. Evidently, this will definitely result in a change in quality of taste in foods they serve. With Robo Chef, such erroneous elements can be eclipsed for it has been designed in such a way to nurture the taste bud with same flavours. In fact, we had some challenges and questions involving the time factors and how consistently the Robo Chef can afford the deliverables. Surprisingly, we found that the time spent in preparation of food was considerably lesser than the human process in addition to maintaining the same deliciousness completely. Say for instance, our Robo Chef’s preparation of Madurai Chicken Biriyani will have the same taste irrespective of where it is being cooked”

Mr. Saravanan Sundaramoorthy continues to add, “Before 6 years, we as a team decided to get involved in the field of food incorporating the technological essence. Moreover, the Robotic department was one among the part of our organization that comprises the manufacturing of Humanoids. In this contemporary world, the automotive technology is very much prevalent in corporate companies and enterprises.

Our main concern and ambition was to get this facilitated for the common man usage at their homes and this prompted us to manufacture the three-dimensional humanoid technology. Initially, while discussing this idea with my team mates and others, it really looked absurd and hypothetical for them. However, we wanted to give a try and finally have found a bigger result through the 18th version of Robo Chef… We have designed two varieties of Robots – One for the commercial purpose and another is Robo Chef Mini with the latter one catering for the help of homemakers. With 600 recipes programmed, it includes Chicken Biriyani, Mutton Biriyani, Mushroom Biriyani, Sambhar, Rasam, Sweet Pongal and many more.”

Emphasizing on the process of using the Robo Chef, he continues, “The essential ingredients required for the dish should be placed inside a box like hopper. This alone will be the only work you need to do for the Robo Chef and we have 38 hoppers. We have special hoppers for vegetables and meat items as well.

In addition, we have placed additional equipment for slicing and cutting vegetables. What’s going to be much easier than you think is the ‘Cooking’ process. Download your favourite dish through Apps and Robo Chef, the World’s First & Only Fully Automated Robotic Kitchen will get it prepared just at a click. To ensure that sugar and BP patients get proper diet, you can get it done by choosing certain options, where Robo Chef will cook the food accordingly.”

Usually, an invention of technological machinery comes with a myth of replacing the human resource. Clarifying on this, he says, “This has been an unproved theory that occurs with every invention. I can easily elaborate this with an instance of Traffic Signal. Just when it got introduced, many assumed that it will result in the deployment of traffic policemen, but it turned out to be a myth.

Inventions of technological machineries never curb down the man power, but instead becomes a best friend in getting their jobs done easily. I am sure; such inventions like Robo Chef will increase the birth of many entrepreneurs, especially for the ones, who have been aspiring to get into food business. It’s because, despite having bigger aspirations and dreams, the only thought that turns out to be a hampering element is the challenge involved in consistently catering food items three times a day by retaining the same delicious taste. With the usage of humanoid Robo Chef, an individual can get benefitted tremendously with all the qualities they expect in a good chef. Well, a delicious food alone isn’t going to satisfy an individual’s desire for the major factor in restaurant and Kitchen is ‘Hygiene’.

We have designed the Robo Chef – The World’s First & Only Fully Automated Robotic Kitchen in such a way that it has the best amenities of preparing the food in an elegant manner along with maintaining the warmness of food and even the takeaway facilities. In addition, the cleansing of vessels technology too has been installed, which provides 100% hygiene.

Special Mention

This technological inventory has been awarded as ‘Best Startup Company’ under the ‘Make in India’ category.

Robo Chef Technology was selected and advocated by India to get exhibited at Dubai world Exhibition and it won several recognitions out there.

Robo Chef with Artificial Intelligence will be soon introduced soon, which will savour the tastes with delicious dishes.
Apart from main dishes, Robo Chef is also equipped with the technology of preparing 10 Dosas at a time, Chappathis, fritters and many other snacks items.

Holistic Taste, Hygiene and Healthy factors are the mantra of good food and Robo Chef assures them in abundance.

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