Public Relations Society of India present a talk on how does public relations survive the harsh world of social media

Public Relations Society of India recently presented a talk on ‘How does public relations survive the harsh world of social media’ with Guest Speaker Apsara Reddy on 22nd October 2019. Apsara Reddy shared her views on the same after which she was seen answering questions of the media as well as the guests who attended the talk.

“The public relations industry must have a social conscience and responsibility. In the attempt to publicise, image build and work on reputations, sometimes information that is harmful to society is peddled,” said Apsara Reddy

“Character assassination on social media amounts to cruelty and PR professionals operating in that space must push for more regulation or else it will result in too many personal battles and professional wars spilling into the digital space. In the name of freedom of speech, hate speech must be dealt with seriously” further added Apsara Reddy

Also adding to a question from former director of Air India and now a PR professional on the industry, Apsara said, “The industry needs proper regulation and a more sensitive approach to handling issues like National Security and Women’s rights, especially rape related reportage.”

Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR