Indian Mauto Electric collaboration with Republic of Armenia

Chennai, Tamilnadu November’19:  M Auto Electric, a auto rickshaw travelling company has announced their collaboration with Republic of Armenia.

A proud moment for India as M Auto paves way for the first ever commercial transaction between India and Republic of Armenia.

“Our aim is to go electric worldwide in all the 195 countries” said the Chairman of M Auto Group of Companies, Mr mansoorali Khan.

M Auto took their first step towards a greener and cleaner world by setting up a manufacturing unit in the engineering city of Armenia.

M Auto is all set to aid the Republic of Armenia by bringing in auto rickshaws as their public transport system. To transcend the life of women to greater heights, M Auto has planned to recruit and train women drivers in Armenia. M Auto is in the wings to contribute towards women empowerment.

About M Auto: Auto is  an organisation comprising the largest fleet of Women drivers in India.The main focus of M Auto is purely a social concern which is to empower men and women to be successful entrepreneurs.Women passengers especially prefer M Auto for its driven by women predominantly. M Auto contributes to the Digital evolution of India by making the on-demand Auto services a reality for people.

It is the first of its kind to launch a retrofit electric auto rickshaw approved by the Automative Research Association of India (ARAI). M Auto Electric Mobility came to existence with a view of social cause. The main reason being the contribution towards the betterment of the environment. By choosing to deal with E-Vehicles, M Auto helps to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions There is also a trend towards more eco-friendly production and materials for EVs.

The organisation is elated in taking steps towards a better ecosystem having good impact on the common lives of people. It is all set to roll out 1000 retrofit electric autos along with 1000 women drivers by the end of this month, creating Indian history

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