FIITJEE Global School conducted TEDc program for students

Chennai, May : To help the students overcome the fear of “Public Speaking” and perform with confidence, FIITJEE Global School conducted the program TEDc on 21st May 2022 in its modern sprawling complex in Vengamabakkam, Chennai.

The participants of the event were primarily initiated into the art of public speaking by the proficient professors of the school. The students were systematically taken through various essential elements of communication such as setting the objective, researching to get the facts, forming perceptive approach, creating material with catchy introduction, absorbing presentation and appealing conclusion, vocalisation with stress, intonation, etc. appropriate body language, using absolute diction, to name a few.

After the induction, the aspiring students actively practised on the stage they were going to take later in the day. Inputs for correction & further improvement were provided to the students’ enrichment. Students were able to overcome their uncertainties and gain confidence with the practice session.

Now was the time for the state-of-the-art Lab, that is Cambridge Language Lab. Students were thrilled to go through the highly practical and exhilarating modules of speaking and listening wherein besides the assimilation of language nuances they were able to practice recording their voices and listening to them for further advancement.

Special feature is “U-Talk” which has over 140 languages used across the globe, other than the variants of English like British and American.  Pupils singularly chose languages other than English for practising pronunciation of interesting words and expressions in those languages (for instance, Japanese, German, French, etc.) It’s stated that anyone practising with this facility can acquire basic language skills that will help them manage life on their own amidst the native speakers of the given language. The totally absorbed students had to be weaned away from this fascinating activity for proceeding with further course of the event.

Following lunch, the excited participants were taken to the school’s Robotics Department wherein they witnessed AI (Artificial Intelligence) in play like EZ robots, 3D printing, etc. The Department Professor gave an insightful exposure to this futuristic domain with the contemporary and upcoming applications including that of communicative competence using AI.

Then the finale took place. The motivated participants made use of the valuable inputs they received and showed a much-improvement performance on stage.

Subjects like whether AI can replace human consciousness/conscience completely, the role of innovations & evolutions, extinction & protection of animals, and a lot of other thought-provoking topics were presented by the students with verve and vigour.

Winners were announced in each category of students. Mst kaviin Siddharth (under 9), Miss Nikitha (under 13), Mst Timothy (under 15) won gold for their outstanding performance. There were winners of silver/bronze. All others acquitted themselves well and earned certificate of participation. The parents were also part of the audience when their children took the stage.  The parents and the students alike were profuse in their praise of this rare event TEDc extending a great opportunity to the student community to learn, practice and prove their communicative competency of Public Speaking.

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Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR