Fashion Designer Rocky Star Forays Into the World of Home Décor and Furniture with Bent Chair

With an aim to bring fashion and home décor on the same platform, quirky home décor e-tailer brand, Bent Chair by the father – daughter duo, Natasha Jain & Neeraj Jain collaborated with Fashion Designer Rocky Star to introduce a home décor and furniture line, ROCKY STAR HOMES BY BENT CHAIR.

Bent Chair’s eccentric sense of designs combined with the fashion expertise of Rocky Star, this collection is a fresh take on modern home décor and interiors.

Bent Chair has been evolving in the sense of time and style and to top that, the company has associated with a fashion designer, which is a first for the brand. While Rocky Star has experience in venturing with fashion brands to make affordable fashion a reality, Bent Chair marks its first collaboration with a home decor brand for a similar objective.

“A constant search for innovation has always been my muse. Venturing out of my league and experimenting with designs, patterns and colours playing a major role, a home décor brand was the perfect match, given Bent Chair’s take on home décor and interiors in a quirky and fresh sense”, says Rocky Star. Through this collaboration, Bent Chair has brought its expertise in production of furniture and accessories and blended it with Rocky Star’s fashion quotient.

This collection is available on Bent Chair’s stores and website.

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Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR