Children’s Day 2019- Students join hands for E-Cigarette ban through Postcard Campaign

Chennai, 14th November 2019: On the account of Children’s Day 2019, Mary Anne Charity Trust hosted a post card campaign along with the Red Ribbon Club of Stella Matutina College of Education and Stella Matriculation School, Ashok Nagar Chennai. The main idea of this campaign is to engage children in thanking the Indian government, thereby showing their support for banning E-Cigarettes. With the help of Dr. Mrs. Joseph Catherine, the head in-charge, about 100 students from Stella Matriculation and Stella Matutina College were gathered for the postcard campaign.

The event began with a small orientation by Mr. S. Cyril Alexander about the harmful effects of E-Cigarettes and Tobacco products to the students. Following this the children were given post cards to write up their thank you notes to the Indian Government for the proactive decision of banning E-Cigarettes and saving thousands of children and youngsters like them. The children also took a pledge to stay away from tobacco products and showed their support by holding placards that had anti-tobacco quotes showing their support towards the ban on all forms of tobacco products.

Apart from this, social media messages were also posted by participants to create knowledge and awareness about the harms related to E-Cigarettes. Numerous children participated in the campaign, by posting messages on social media to highlight harms on E-Cigarettes using the hashtag #BanOnECigarettes. Parents joined along and expressed their support upon the ban of ENDS.

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S.Cyril Alexander

Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR