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Within months, coronavirus has changed the world in fundamental ways, and as of now, nobody knows if the world and our lives will go back to the old normal. A tectonic shift is happening in the way people live, work, and interact. As homes become the new workplaces, education goes online, and words like lockdown and social distancing become part of our vocabulary, old certainties have collapsed. Millions, even in the affluent West, have lost their lives and livelihoods. And the worst part is, no one knows when this is all going to end.

In this bleak scenario where many companies across sectors have just folded up, there are some business that seem to be thriving. One of those is astrology, especially online astrology. Since India is the birthplace of Vedic Astrology, Indians have always placed their bets on astrology when the going gets tough.

Many online astrology portals in India have seen their revenues and subscriptions spike during the lockdown period. Online consultations have increased as people look to allay their fears and doubts. Most subscribers, according to these portals, seem to be concerned about their investments in the stock market, jobs, and health. AstroVed one of the leading astrology portals based in Chennai, has seen a substantial increase in business since the crisis began. Astro Speaks, its portal for phone consultation, has seen a substantial increase in calls from people seeking astrological guidance to get through these trying times, as people struggle to cope with the unique problems posed by Covid-19- whether in career, business or relationships.

Apart from consultations, AstroVed offers remedial services like Poojas and Homas, which offer virtual participation for customers, both local and outstation. Among its other services are ancient Nadi astrology, special ceremonies for important yearly events, Live astrology consultations, Instant consultations by phone, Mantra chanting, and energized products like Yantras and statues of gods and goddesses.

AstroVed has a dedicated Homa center where Homas and other rituals are performed for customers in a sanctified environment. As temples are not accessible due to the lockdown, this has come as a great boon for those looking for spiritual sustenance and divine blessings to survive the crisis and the coronavirus. AstroVed even has a personalized and user-friendly app, Astroved Assistant, providing all astrology-related information at your fingertips.

As cases spike all over the world, and the war against the virus continues with no respite in sight yet, online astrology portals seem to have some of the answers at least, when it comes to questions about the future, going by their increasing popularity and rising bottom lines.

Author: ADmiNIstRAtoR