ASAP SPORTS BAR A New Hangout Spot for Sports, Spirits & Kitchen!

ASAP SPORTS BAR’s Grand Launch was a spectacular affair. AJITH. K and ASHOK. G, The Owner of ASAP Sports Bar has conceptualized a beautiful combination of bringing Sports and Resto Bar together in the city for its customers to enjoy the food while they play their game.

The Theme of ASAP (Sports + Resto Bar) was beautifully presented in a fashion form choreographed by Our Celebrity Choreographer KARUN RAMAN. Many TV Stars and Actors showed up to their grand launch and wished for their success.

ASAP, Chennai’s Exclusive Sports Bar is designed to be accessible, customer friendly and affordably, a neighborhood restaurant where they can enjoy their Play time with some Lip smacking food. The food they serve, embarks everyone on a pleasure journey for an extraordinary culinary and dining experience for the taste buds with the ’wow’ factor for their Presentation, Flavours, Texture and Aroma.   

ASAP SPORTS BAR is designed with Carefully chosen and individually handcrafted architecture, specially the articulation of wooden works. It’s a Two Floored Building, One Being the Resto Bar and The other one is the Roof Top with Casual Dining Set Up. 

It’s a combination of different types of natural wood with exotic natural finishing and a stunning design calculatedly structured to have precise and perfection view of the interior with dedicated workmanship and the artworks involved. The amazing ambiance of natural wood and compelling wood work of the interior, can be felt throughout the restaurant from end to end flawlessly.

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