Actor THARSHAN, Bigg Boss Star at PUT KADALAI cafe LAUNCH

Put Kadalai, a concept cafe started in Coimbatore launched its first edition at Chennai at the food court of Phoenix Palladium Mall. Put Kadalai cafe is located at the food court of Palladium Mall. It is the second cafe opened, the first one being at Coimbatore. The cafe specializes in Peanuts and an entire menu from beverages, main course to desserts with Peanuts as a key ingredient.

The cafe is open from 11 AM to 10 PM, 7 days a week and features some of the tastiest and unique varieties of peanuts among many other delicacies. Some of their signature items includes Big Pop, Bunny Chow, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Peanut Butter Shakes and Natural Ice creams. Put Kadalai’s first cafe was opened in Coimbatore, the second one being the one at Palladium. 

The founders of Put Kadalai cafe Mr. Harish, Mr. Senthil & Ms. Nisha shared how Put Kadalai was conceptualized and how it struck a chord with people. They also shared how their menu is conceptualized and the health benefits of their dishes. They opined the dishes are healthy, tasty and not expensive besides promising a completely new and refreshing experience for people who dine at the cafe. Mr. Ck Kumaravel also joined the founders and expressed confidence in the young coimbatore based entrepreneurs and also highlighted the need for innovation as people are looking for new food and new experience which Put Kadalai promises to deliver. 

As part of the launch, Put Kadalai happened with a jolly interaction with Big Boss star Tharshan hosted by Emcee Shruthi. It is the first episode of many where stars will feature sharing and opening up in a fun way like never before. The conversation was a fun filled one where Tharshan spoke of his past life and shared some lighter moments in his journey to stardom. Tharshan lauded the founders of Put Kadalai for their efforts in coming up with the tasty dishes and the innovative concept of the coffee.

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